To date, I have authored two books and co-authored a third.

How I Lost My Fear of Death and How You Can Too

By Jack McElroy

If you had to give a message at your own funeral, what would you say?

JM-HILMFOD-ebook-2It’s an arresting thought, isn’t it? You look out at the crowd and see your family, friends, relatives, coworkers, and acquaintances. Imagine that your parents, grandparents, and grandchildren are there too.

You’ve got their undivided attention, so what will you say to them?

It’s your chance to really influence their lives. This is your legacy. It’s what they’ll remember you by.

I figured out what I would say, and I ended up writing it in a book. It’s called How I Lost My Fear of Death and How You Can Too.

It’s a book about life after death that can be read by anyone of any religious background. It’s written in a conversational and nonthreatening tone that engages you right away, carefully explaining the problem we all face and offering a solution.

THE PROBLEM: Dying is a scary prospect for those who aren’t assured of what will happen to them after they die. If you feel this way, then you know you are in bondage to this fear and live every day like a condemned prisoner.

You hope that by having faith in God (or gods), keeping certain laws, and observing certain religious rituals, you’ll gain life after death or nirvana/peace. The problem is that every religion, without exception, is great at prescribing things for you to DO but never tells you when you’ve DONE enough.

What if there was a way you could get rid of your fear of death once and for all? There is.

THE SOLUTION: All you have to do is find a reason why you don’t need to be afraid anymore. That reason is provided in How I Lost My Fear of Death and How You Can Too. And the solution to your problem is presented in an interesting and informative way.

First, all the major world religions are spread out on the table.

  • Christian Religions: Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Protestantism, Jehovah’s Witnessism, and Mormonism
  • Non-Christian Religions: Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Atheism, Humanism, Christian Science, Confucianism, Taoism, and Shintoism are also touched on.

One of the problems in approaching a subject like this is that it can get pretty confusing and really boring in a hurry.

How I Lost My Fear of Death and How You Can Too makes this seemingly complex analysis simple by cutting to the chase.

We focus––and then only briefly––on what each major world religion says about what you must DO in order to obtain life after death. All other detailed theological beliefs are omitted. (The Roman Catholicism section is lengthier because it is necessary to my story.)

Then what the Bible says about life after death is examined.

How I Lost My Fear of Death and How You Can Too clearly explains why the Bible is different from other religious writings. The Bible tells us EXACTLY what we must DO to inherit eternal life (believe on the one whom the Father has sent) and what was DONE by the Lord Jesus Christ to secure eternal life for us. The book emphasizes over and over that this gift is free.

Who is this book written for?

  1. If you’re scared of dying, this book is written for you.
  2. Christians looking for an explanation of the hope that lies within them that they can give to anyone of any religion without fear of insulting them: This is one that recipients will actually READ instead of consign to the trash bin.
  3. Christians who want reassurance that their faith is not in vain.

Why you will like this book.

Discussing religion can sometimes be divisive, insulting, and hurtful if not done in a spirit of love, openness, and candor. Nobody’s beliefs are insulted in How I Lost My Fear of Death and How You Can Too, and readers are encouraged to make up their own minds based on the evidence presented.

The book’s conversational style and over 50 pictures and illustrations immediately connect with readers from age 12 to adult. More importantly, over 110 Scripture references explain biblical truth.

Readers get an easy-to-understand answer to the fear that’s plagued them their whole lives. They’ll discover that their fear of death can be done away with once and for all by simply believing what the Bible says and doing it.


Introduction 1
The ultimate value of any religion is how well it relieves your fear of death. A religion must answer two questions if it is to be of any help: Is there an afterlife, and if so, what must you DO to get there?
Chapter 1 What Happens After You Die? 5
Compares Islam and Catholicism to show how most religions provide a “magic formula” for life after death.
Chapter 2 Is There an Afterlife? What the Religions Say 13
Examines what Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Protestantism, Jehovah’s Witnessism, and Mormonism teach about life after death.
Chapter 3 What About Religions That Don’t Include Jesus? 49
Examines what Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Buddhism teach about life after death.
Chapter 4 What People Say About the Bible 73
Quotes praising the Bible from Thomas Jefferson, Helen Keller, Patrick Henry, Daniel Webster, and Noah Webster; quotes denouncing the Bible from Richard Dawkins, Aleister Crowley, Isaac Asimov, and Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain).
Chapter 5 What the Bible Says 87
Looks at why the Bible is a trustworthy source and what it says about the afterlife.
Chapter 6 How I Finally Lost My Fear of Death 105
The realization that I was not good enough to get to heaven on my own, and what I did about it.
Chapter 7 Eternal Life Is a Free Gift 125
Religions teach that you must DO something to earn eternal life. The Bible explains why eternal life is a free gift.
Chapter 8 How You Can Lose Your Fear of Death Right Now 135
Walks you personally through the steps that will relieve you of your fear of death.
Endnotes 143
Image Credits 155
About the Author 158

How I Lost My Fear of Death and How You Can Too

Publication Date January 2014
Length 168 Pages
Dimensions 5″ × 7″
ISBN Format Price
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978-0-9860265-8-4 Kindle $4.99 buy-now-btn-red

Which Bible Would Jesus Use? The Bible Version Controversy Explained and Resolved

By Jack McElroy

Are you tired of the smirks and childish questions of King James Bible detractors?

WBWJUAre you sick of hearing the same old insincere questions like, “Tell me, which edition of the KJV is the Bible?” or “Where was the Bible before 1611?”

You’ll find the best answers to these questions and more in Which Bible Would Jesus Use?

Now you can go on the offensive by asking them one simple question, “If Jesus came to your church, which Bible would he use?” Making them answer this question along with the knowledge you’ll get from this book will settle the Bible version controversy once and for all.

You’ll learn why “Which Edition?” is (quite often) a trick question to destroy your faith in a literal book. And the real reason they ask you the fake question in the first place.

You will now be able to prove to anyone why the Lord himself is forced to choose only one Bible and why that Bible is the King James Bible.

They’ll be convinced once they learn…

  • Why the Lord Jesus Christ would never use the ESV because of the known errors (admitted by experts) inserted into the text in Matthew 1:7, 8, & 10.
  • Why the Lord wouldn’t carry the NASB to church with him because of the known errors (admitted by experts) inserted into the text in John 7:8–10 and because of the way it refers to him in John 1:18.
  • Why the Lord couldn’t use the NIV, ESV, or the NASB because of the known geography error (admitted by experts) inserted into the text in Luke 4:44.
  • Why the Lord can’t use the NIV, ESV, or the NASB because of the known error (admitted by experts) inserted into the text in Mark 1:2.
  • Why the Lord is hurt by how his character is besmirched in Mark 1:41 in the NIV and would never, ever use it.
  • Why the Lord wouldn’t bring the NKJV into church with him because of how it undermines the historical integrity of his words in English.
  • How the signers of the “Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy” (more than 200 evangelical leaders) who specifically “deny that any essential element of the Christian faith is affected by the absence of the autographs [and] further deny that this absence renders the assertion of Biblical inerrancy invalid or irrelevant” are proven wrong.

They’ll stop laughing at your faith in the written words of God when you quickly and easily answer questions like:

“What about the thousands of differences between the 1769 Edition and the First Edition in 1611?”

“What about the differences between King James Bibles printed by the Oxford and Cambridge University Presses?”

This book also walks you through some of the major passages used to challenge credibility of the KJB. Your faith will be strengthened as you learn to explain tough issues like: why the Lord didn’t preserve the original autographs; why inspiration of Scripture doesn’t mean what they say it means; where the Greek text used in modern translations came from; and what doctrines are affected by these variant readings.


“An insightful read into biblical history and our understanding and appreciation of it.”

––Dr. Nido Qubein, President, High Point University, and Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co.

“…a diligent Christian businessman (Proverbs 22:29) has successfully reduced the rancorous ‘King James Only-ism’ debate to a single, unconventional premise—‘Which Bible would Jesus use?’ The utter simplicity of Brother McElroy’s question will undoubtedly render many in academia apoplectic. And yet, his unique approach is entirely Scriptural.”

––Dr. William P. Grady, B.S., M.Ed., Th.M., Ph.D., D.D., author of four best-selling reference works: Final Authority, What Hath God Wrought!, How Satan Turned America Against God, and Given by Inspiration

“I believe that you have made a significant contribution to Bibliology and that your work will provoke more people to think intelligently about Biblical preservation. I think that you have rightfully presented the fact that all translations are not ‘essentially the same’ and have convincingly argued that textual criticism is not an exact ‘science’ at all … You have presented the right arguments in a clear, concise, thought-provoking way. Thank you!”

––Dr. Jeff Amsbaugh, B.A., M.Div., D.Min., D.R.E., Senior Pastor, Greater Rhode Island Baptist Temple

“McElroy demonstrates a keen understanding of the importance of branding. His application of the concept to the Bible version controversy is simply brilliant.”

––Raymond Aaron, author of eight books, including Branding Small Business for Dummies, and co-author of the New York Times best-selling Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul

“As an intellectual property attorney, my mission is to protect and defend the integrity of my client’s written text. In like manner, Mr. McElroy does a masterful job of defending the traditional biblical text as it is presented in the King James Version of the Bible. He does so in an informative and engaging way.”

––Lloyd J. Jassin, Entertainment and Publishing Law Attorney; Adjunct Prof., NYU SCPS; and co-author of The Copyright Permission and Libel Handbook (John Wiley & Sons) with Steven C. Schechter


Amazon Customer Reviews of Which Bible Would Jesus Use?

5.0 out of 5 stars An excellent, new look on this vital topic. June 17, 2014

By Brandon Staggs

I’ve read dozens of books addressing the “Which Version” question. This one stands among the best. I appreciate McElroy’s unique approach to this topic: Asking the question — what Bible version would Jesus use if he preached in your church today? — and providing a clear and reasoned answer.

This book also addresses the common “gotcha” questions supposedly too hard for KJB believers to answer, like “what about the differences between the 1611 and 1769.” A good read for someone new to the issue or a veteran on the topic.


5.0 out of 5 stars The true bible does exist after all and this book makes it clear which ONE it is June 6, 2014

By Brian H. Griffith

I was listening to radio program and the host is always talking about the bible says this or the bible says that in a definitive manner yet a caller called in and then the host started talking about how the original manuscripts were perfect etc yet choose a translation blah blah yet how can he tell somebody what the bible says if he doesn’t even know himself if his bible is the right bible?

Every apologist that I have watched debate argues with atheists about the existence of God being common sense yet then when it comes to the bible, those same apologists revert to it being a totally human effort in preserving the scriptures, it as if these Christian apologists suddenly become atheists when talking about “bible versions”

Doesn’t it make sense that God actually preserved his word perfectly no matter how many men tried to mess it up?

The King James bible is the one that God used the last 400 years 760 + languages and is obviously the one Jesus would use, READ THIS BOOK FOLKS The true bible does exist after all and this book makes it clear which ONE it is.


5.0 out of 5 stars Great new book on an old subject with some fresh insights. April 15, 2014

By Mr. Simon A. Hailes

I got this book from John Davis, (Time For Truth) in UK. It is not on Amazon UK.
It is serious in its attempt to find which of the hundreds of English bibles Jesus would use if he were to come to church today.

His picture of Jesus coming to church with a wheel barrow full of the original autographs (for the original manuscriptolaters), who believe only the very original writings were and are inspired; and trying to fit them into the covers of a book, then preach from them: is hilarious.

He then goes through various popular versions testing them with known errors of the textual critics and two heretical readings: John 7:8 (the omission of yet in modern bibles, making Jesus a liar) and Matt 5:22 (without a cause omitted, making Jesus an angry sinner); among others.

He then has a few chapters dealing with the bible before 1611. Differences between the 1611 KJV and the various KJV “editions” and supposed revisions: the oxford and Cambridge “edition” for example.

Then a few chapters on inspiration and preservation.

I am really enjoying it and although I think mainly convinced bible believers will read this book I think it would also suit people who don’t want something too simplistic but aren’t up to the strong meat of Riplinger, Ruckman, Hills, Grady, Cloud, Burgon and others.
God blessee,
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.


5 stars Best work yet! February 5, 2014

By John

Jack has a unique way with words. His explanations and arguments have finally settled the issue for me! Thanks Jack!



Dedication v
Foreword Dr. William P. Grady vii
Preface Want to settle the “Bible Version Controversy” once and for all? xii
Introduction 1
Chapter 1 Why the Lord is forced to choose only one Bible 19
Chapter 2 Two “dirty little secrets” of modern textual criticism 35
Chapter 3 Proof—Prominent textual scholars believe God made mistakes when he wrote the Bible 55
Chapter 4 Why the Lord didn’t preserve the original autographs 79
Chapter 5 Why the Lord can’t choose the King James Bible without looking foolish to scholars 89
Chapter 6 Did the Lord make a monumental, multigenerational error by allowing the King James Bible to be published in the first place? 107
Chapter 7 Maybe the Lord Jesus Christ isn’t a loser after all 117
Chapter 8 Why can’t the Lord choose the ©1982 New King James Version? 127
Chapter 9 Where was the Bible before 1611? 151
Chapter 10 Which edition of the King James Bible is “The Bible”? 161
Chapter 11 What about the tens of thousands of differences between the 1769 edition (or any edition today) and the 1611 first edition? 179
Chapter 12 What about the differences between King James Bibles printed by the Oxford and Cambridge University Presses? 205
Chapter 13 Why “Which Edition?” is (quite often) a trick question 219
Chapter 14 The real reason for the fake question 227
Chapter 15 Inspiration of Scripture—What it is and what it isn’t 233
Chapter 16 Inspiration—What it was and what they say it is now 245
Chapter 17 Who changed the definition of inspiration, and when did they change it? 259
Chapter 18 Did the Lord preserve error instead of truth in the extant biblical manuscripts? 275
Chapter 19 How to spot a standard Bible 289
Chapter 20 The Revelation 16:5 controversy 297
Chapter 21 Which Bible should you use? 305
About the Author 309
Bibliography 311
Index 323
Scripture Index 335
Image Credits 341

Which Bible Would Jesus Use? The Bible Version Controversy Explained and Resolved

Publication Date August 2013
Length 342 Pages
Dimensions 6″ × 9″
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Adoniram Judson’s Soul Winning Secrets Revealed

By Jack McElroy and April Tin Tin Aye

Discovery of Rare 180 Year-Old Burmese Tract
by World Famous Christian Missionary Leads to New Publication

New light shed on Adoniram Judson –
“America’s First Foreign Missionary” who may
well be the greatest pioneer tract evangelist…

SWSRAdoniram Judson, Jr. (1788–1850) was America’s first foreign missionary. Judson and his wife, Ann, arrived in India in 1812 to work with the famous English missionary, William Carey.

After a short stay, they went to Burma (now Myanmar), and for the next 38 years Judson preached Christ where he had not been named. His translation of the Bible into Burmese is still used in Myanmar today. Judson also produced and distributed millions of tracts to the Burman people.

During his lifetime, he completed the translation of the Bible and other works into Burmese. He compiled a Burmese-English and English-Burmese dictionary, a Burmese grammar, and Pali dictionary.

After his conversion to Christ at age 21, Judson yielded to the command of Christ to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.” He said the command “was presented to my mind with such clearness and power that I came to a full decision and, though great difficulties appeared in my way, resolved to obey the command at all events.”

And great difficulties did come his way.

During the war between the East India Company and Burma, Judson was imprisoned for almost two years, charged by the Burman government with being a spy.

Only a few months after being freed from prison, Judson’s wife, Ann, died of a fever on October 24, 1826. Although they had three children together, all three died within the first couple years after their birth.

Eight years after Ann’s death, Judson married the widow of a fellow missionary, Sarah Hall Boardman. They had 8 children over 11 years of marriage. Three of the children died at an early age, and sadly, Sarah also died.

Adoniram Judson, Jr., Baptist missionary, son of a Congregational minister, graduate of Brown University and Andover Theological Seminary, went to be with the Lord on April 12, 1850. He was 61 years old. He had served in Burma for almost 40 years, but most importantly, he had fulfilled his purpose. He loved the Lord his God and his neighbor as himself. The Lord smiled as Judson entered into glory and said: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

Now for the first time you can read and study the arsenal of “soul winning tools” used by “The Father of American Foreign Missions”––Adoniram Judson. This is the only book in the world that contains an outstanding collection of the four most prominent tracts Judson used as well as the first translation of Judson’s newly discovered fifth tract that he used as a primer on the Old Testament promises of a Savior.

Even if you reviewed the well over 5,000 pages of text in 17 volumes published in the 160+ years since Judson’s death, you still couldn’t find everything that is presented in this book.

Here’s what you’ll get…

“Epitome of The Old Testament”––This 42-page text was first written in Burmese in 1823 and published a few years later. Its contents have been hidden from the English-speaking world for over 180 years. What a treasure! Judson’s “hand-picked Greatest Passages” from the Old Testament, Psalms, & Prophets about the coming of the Savior are contained in this tract. This is the first English translation made from the only known copy.

“The Investigator”––First authored by fellow missionary Jonathan Wade, Judson revised and used this tract extensively. Like the Epitome, it has never before been available in the English language. Now it has been newly translated from a copy of an original 100+ year-old Burmese tract. Presented in a 63 question & answer format, The Investigator challenged the Burmans to consider the facts of Buddhism versus Christianity and choose between them.

“The Catechism”––This was Ann Judson’s first soul winning tract, so widely used that by 1890 it had gone through 27 editions making 273,000 copies. This is the first English translation from the Karen language.

“The Golden Balance”––Long buried and hidden in the appendix of a rare 155+ year-old book, this 1829 Judson tract shows by stark contrast the excellency of Christianity and the deficiency of Buddhism. Judson found the tract so effective that they published a total of 100,000 copies in 4 years.

“A View of the Christian Religion”––Interestingly, this tract contains Judson’s prediction that Christ would return and set up his kingdom on earth before 2016. This also was the first text ever printed in the Burmese language. It sets forth the main teachings of the Bible and what it means to be born again in an amazingly simple way.

“The Star in the East”––We obtained an original 1809 printing of Rev. Claudius Buchanan’s (1766–1815) sermon entitled “The Star in the East.” An extremely rare find, to our knowledge this is the first and only time this sermon has been reprinted since originally published.

Judson read it while still in his early 20s, and it was of great influence in causing him to give his life to missionary work and Bible translations. Claudius Buchanan, a chaplain serving the British East India Company, preached this sermon in Bristol, England. He had done much to advance Christianity and native education in India especially by organizing systematic translations of the Scripture.

Now you can read the same words that sunk down deep into Judson’s heart and led him to abandon his home, country, and the ease of a more civilized life for chains, prison, and torture and the founding of the Church in Burma.

“Adoniram Judson’s Spiritual Secrets”––Would you like to know the secret to Judson’s “staying power” after he had buried 2 wives and 7 children on the field? Here you’ll find a selection of resolutions Judson adopted to “devote” himself to Christ: 16 specific journal entries cover over 23 years. It also contains his remarks to young prospective missionaries in which he specifically answers the question: “What influenced me most in going to the heathen.” Can you guess what his answer was?

“Judson’s Tract Evangelism”––In addition to being “The Father of American Foreign Missions,” you’ll find striking evidence as to why Judson and his team may very well have been some of the greatest tract evangelists America ever produced.

“The motto of every missionary, whether preacher, printer, or schoolmaster,
ought to be ‘Devoted for life.’”––Adoniram Judson

Author and Publisher Jack McElroy is a seasoned, serial entrepreneur with over 45 years of working experience encompassing a broad range of business disciplines.

Raised as a Roman Catholic, McElroy attended a Catholic Grammar School and a Jesuit High School. He became a Born Again Christian in 1978 after a 2-year search for the answer to the question: “What happens to you after you die?”

He has been President of McElroy Electronics Corporation for nearly 35 years. He is President of McElroy Publishing and McElroy Rare Bible Page Collections. He was Chief Manager of Minneapolis Cellular Telephone Company LLC and President of Dutchess County Cellular Telephone Corporation.

He holds a B.S. in Industrial Management from Lowell Technological Institute (now UMass Lowell).

In addition to co-authoring Adoniram Judson’s Soul Winning Secrets Revealed, Jack is also the author of Which Bible Would Jesus Use? The Bible Version Controversy Explained and Resolved and How I Lost My Fear of Death and How You Can Too.

Jack and Susan have been happily married for 38 years. They have four children and two grandchildren.

Translator and Co-author Tin Tin Aye was born in Yangon, Myanmar, of U Tha Htin and Daw Mya Mya. She started in a private school and finished high school at St. Mary’s Diocesan Girls’ High School, Rangoon, and attended Mandalay Arts and Science University, majoring in History (1969–1972). She received a B.A. (1995) at Simon’s Rock College of Bard, Great Barrington, Massachusetts, majoring in Art History. While there, she also served as part-time faculty, teaching “Religious Art in South, and Southeast Asia.” She received an M.A. (1997) in Museum Education at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She also received an M.A. (2004) in Anthropology at Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

She was a senior tour guide with Myanmar Travels and Tours for over 20 years and a church leader in the Pagan Christian community as well.


“A deeply challenging collection. A passion to love Christ by living out His life every day. The desperation in Rev. Judson’s voice is heard as he yearns for more opportunities for these portions of the Word and his tracts to get into the deepest parts of Burma … ‘but we are like men with their hands cut off.’

These tracts reveal to us how profoundly Judson knew the culture of the people to whom he was bringing this message, essential for anyone in any generation who seeks to communicate clearly the Gospel. And he does not hesitate to make unambiguous comparisons between the biblical worldview and that of his audience, minimizing the possibility of syncretism by those who choose to believe.”

––Dave and Tippy McKee, New Tribes Mission missionaries to Senegal, Africa, for 30 years

“A noteworthy presentation of the mission field of Myanmar, formerly called Burma. This book is an eye-opener into the man of the mission, his passion for souls, and the value of Tract Evangelism.”

––Dr. G.S. Nair, President, People’s Baptist Bible College and Seminary, Trivandrum, India,

“The impact of Adoniram Judson on early missions has long been known, but few books reveal the unrelenting passion for souls that motivated his untiring dedication to the distribution of tens of thousands of tracts throughout Burma like Adoniram Judson’s Soul Winning Secrets Revealed. May God grant us even a small portion of that passion today!”

––Tom Gibbons, Associate General Director/Field Director, Gospel Mission of South America,

“The texts and bibliographies are very helpful and it is nice to see these tracts and writings translated.”

––Paul Martindale, D.Min., Lecturer in Islamic Studies, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Adoniram Judson’s Soul Winning Secrets Revealed––An Inspiring Look at the Tools Used by “Jesus Christ’s Man” in Burma

Publication Date July 2013
Length 179 Pages
Dimensions 5.5″ × 8.5″
ISBN Format Price
978-0-9860265-5-3 Hard Back $24.95 buy-now-btn-red
978-0-9860265-6-0 Paper Back $17.95 buy-now-btn-red
978-0-9860265-4-6 Kindle $8.95 buy-now-btn-red