McElroy Publishing started because I wanted to sell “paper-and-ink” products via direct mail. I co-founded it with my brothers, Dan and Mark, in 1992, and serve as its president.

I already had my first project under my belt. I had built a relationship with a man in my church named David Burrow. He had a desire to produce a book on camp counseling, and he had the perfect background for it.

As a youngster he attended camp, then had gone on to be a camp counselor, a leader, and ultimately a camp director. He was also at the time the principal of our Christian school.

We started small. We produced and sold 1,000 copies of his book How to Be a Successful Camp Counselor in 1987 under the moniker of Benjamin Publishing Company.  It was a small target market consisting of Christian overnight camps.

I wrote the sales copy, helped with the titling of the book, and Dave wrote the book. Through its various editions in the years since, How to Be a Successful Camp Counselor has sold over 35,000 copies.

Over the years McElroy Publishing added several other titles. And in the late 1990s I obtained the right to private label and re-label Bible software for Microsoft Windows, which I marketed under the brand name Holy Bible Software, as well as under private labels for Bible-based ministries.

McElroy Publishing has published the following books and software:

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